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Explore our transparent vasectomy pricing options for a hassle-free experience. Our packages are designed to suit your needs, providing quality care at affordable rates. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace of mind with our straightforward pricing.

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Hospital Outpatient Setting: When performed in a hospital outpatient setting, the cost is usually higher due to the additional facilities and resources involved. This may include the use of an operating room, anesthesia, medical staff, and follow-up care. Costs can vary widely, but they often range to several thousand dollars.

Office Setting: Vasectomies performed in a urologist’s office may cost less compared to a hospital outpatient setting. In-office procedures might entail fewer overhead expenses, potentially resulting in a more cost-effective option. Generally, the price range could be several hundred to a few thousand dollars.


$590 – Realmanvas; Sarasota, Florida

$850 – Norcalvas; Elk Grove, California

$950 – San Diego Vasectomy Center; San Diego California


$1,248 – Idaho Urologic Institute; Meridian, Idaho

$1,250 – Bestvasectomy; Raleigh, North Carolina

$1,250-1,539 – Our Pricing


$1,550 – Comprehensive urologic care; Lake Barrington, Illinois

$2,400- Alaska Urology; Anchorage, Alaska

$3,150 Bestvasectomy (With outpatient anesthesia); Raleigh, North Carolina

Our Cash Pay Cost


Price fluctuates depending on type of anesthesia and decision for pathology

Why is this beneficial to you?

Same value surgery at a lower cost

We provide a professional and cost-effective alternative to outpatient surgical centers. Our services come at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality.

Enhancing Your Experience with Nitrox (optional)

$150 additional for nitrous oxide gas may be recommended based on physical examination findings regarding the vas deferens. This can potentially improve the patient’s experience as well as the surgeon’s.

Convenient post semen analysis (optional)

$139 additional for at home semen test that you can mail to UPS. No need to return to the office to deliver semen analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about benefits and risks?

You can read about it more on my Vasectomy page.

What are the fees associated with post-vasectomy semen analysis for confirmation?

If you prefer to bring in two semen analysis samples to our office, we offer complimentary microscopic readings as part of the package. Alternatively, for the convenience of an at-home semen kit with UPS delivery, the cost is $139.

What are the options for procedures performed in the operating room under full anesthesia?

This scenario typically arises when anatomical factors pose significant challenges for in-office procedures. I may recommend the use of nitrous oxide gas (pronox) to facilitate the process; however, if deemed necessary, the procedure may need to be conducted in the operating room for optimal safety and efficacy.

What about pricing if I have insurance?

Our dedicated billing specialists are here to assist you in navigating insurance coverage and deductible details. We understand that this process can be complex and daunting, so allow us to guide you through it with clarity and expertise. Rest assured, we're committed to ensuring transparency and helping you understand the financial aspects of your care

What are the costs associated with performing the procedure in the operating room?

Our billing department is available to provide detailed information regarding the pricing for procedures conducted in the operating room.


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