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Adult Circumcision

Cash Pay, Self-pay, No Insurance

An Elective cosmetic procedure

It’s important to recognize that having a retractable foreskin on the penis is entirely normal and a sign of good health. There is no medical necessity to remove the foreskin, and your penis is perfectly healthy as it is. The prevailing trend in the medical community has shifted away from routine circumcision in babies, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the natural state of the foreskin for most men.

-Jonathan Hu. MD



Hospital Outpatient Setting: When performed in a hospital outpatient setting, the cost is usually higher due to the additional facilities and resources involved. This may include the use of an operating room, anesthesia, medical staff, and follow-up care. Costs can vary widely, but they often range to several thousand dollars.

Office Setting: Circumcision performed in a urologist’s office may cost less compared to a hospital outpatient setting. In-office procedures might entail fewer overhead expenses, potentially resulting in a more cost-effective option. Generally, the price range could be several hundred to a few thousand dollars.


$790 – Circumcisionprocedure; Los Angeles, CA

$1,000 – OCUrology; Santa Ana, California

$1,450 – (18,19 year old) Buenafeclinic; Manitoba, Canada

$1,600 – HoustonCircumcision; Houston, Texas

$1,800 – Rabbi Avraham Rappaport; Maryland


$2,000 – (20 years older) Buenafeclinic; Manitoba, Canada

$2,200 – ($400 schedule fee) – Gentleprocedure Dallas; Richardson, Texas

$2,300 – Advanced Urology; Atlanta, Georgia

$2,400 – New York Urologist Specialist; New York, New York

$2,500 – ProcedureClinic; Florida


$3,500 – Gentlecircumcision; Culver City, California

$4,048 – Elite Robotic Surgical Consultants; Urology, Simi Valley, California

$6,598 – Hospital Average, United States of America

>$10,000 – Outpatient Hospital, Bay Area

Our Cash Pay Cost


Price fluctuates depending on type of anesthesia and decision for pathology

Why is this a value to you?

Same value surgery at a lower cost

Instead of going to an outpatient surgical center where the price is $6,000 – $10,000 we offer half the cost, but without cutting the value

Local anesthetic and Nitrox

Provide a dorsal penile nerve block and circumfrential block

Located in Silicon Valley

Mountain View, California. Fair pricing compared to others around the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Is circumcision necessary for me?

If there are no issues with the foreskin, like infection, inflammation, or scarring (phimosis), there may not be a necessity for surgical removal

Is there any pain during or after the procedure?

Almost all our patients have reported minimal discomfort during the procedure due to the use of various local anesthetics that effectively numb the area. General anesthesia is not administered, though we can provide a sedative for those feeling anxious before the procedure.Post-procedure, patients may experience mild to moderate pain after the anesthesia wears off. To manage this, we provide appropriate medications before the patient is discharged from the clinic.

Can I go to work the next day?

While we typically advise two days of rest following the procedure, some patients feel comfortable enough to return to work on the same day. However, the decision can be influenced by the demands of your job; if it involves physical activity or heavy lifting, we suggest discussing the need for time off with your employer, for which we can provide necessary documentation.

Will the procedure impact the size or sensitivity of my penis?

No, the removal of the foreskin will not alter the size of the penis, whether erect or flaccid. Moreover, none of Dr. Kim's patients have reported changes in sensitivity, as the majority of nerve endings are concentrated in the penile head.

How long is the recovery?

After our procedures performed under local anesthesia, patients usually feel comfortable enough to walk and, in many cases, can resume driving immediately afterward. Additionally, we provide prescribed medications to manage any discomfort or erections on your journey home.Post-procedure, patients can anticipate a clean and aesthetically pleasing result, with a seamless line where the foreskin was. Optimal healing is important, so we recommend abstaining from sexual activity for up to 6 weeks, ensuring adequate time for complete healing. We understand the importance of a smooth recovery period, and our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Do you do frenulectomies?

A frenulectomy involves the removal of the frenulum, the skin ridge connecting the underside of the penis head to the shaft. Often performed alongside circumcision, this procedure is opted for by many patients seeking an enhanced aesthetic appearance, typically incurring an additional fee.


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